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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Since September, Alhambra High has undergone many changes - more than one would even consider possible in the span of 10 months. As student body president, I have had the privilege of being a part of Executive who not only witnessed but also effected certain transformations to this campus. This year, Executive continued and expanded upon the merchandise sold in the Moor Market, our student store, thus finding another effective channel for revenue. We also drew up proposals for an ASB lunch line and underclassmen packs so that we can increase the benefits of the ASB card and cater to a larger population of the student body. Also, as an alternative to the decrease in assemblies, we took school spirit to the quad and even the classrooms, most notably hosting a day where students can meet Santa Claus in the quad as well as reviving the old tradition of an International Week. For the remainder of the year, we plan on completing our brick project that will beautify the area outside of the student government room, and organize what will hopefully be a promising Last Dance.

Alhambra High has also experienced some fun in other areas and through other groups on campus, such as Junior Council, who hosted a successful Sadies Dance this year in the teacher's underground parking lot and is preparing for a historical prom aboard the private yacht, the Inspiration. Also, AHS's Mighty Moor Marching Band, along with that of San Gabriel High and Mark Keppel High performed in the 2009 Rose Parade earlier this year. Furthermore, our dance teams have participated in several competitions this year, with All Male, Drill Team, and Orchesis placing first in multiple categories. As for athletics, Alhambra High has had many victories this year, some of which include the boys' varsity basketball team winning Almont League Championships, and five of our wrestlers competing CIF Masters. Furthermore, boys' soccer qualified for CIF this year while our baseball team's entry into League seems promising. We have also had many international visitors, including students from the prestigious Nankai High School in Tianjin, China as well as a Japanese boys' baseball team and influential officials from Chiang Mai University in Thailand.

Of course, these accomplishments are only some of many that Alhambra High has achieved this year. There are other groups on campus who have experienced similar triumphs and equally contributed to our school's pride. Regardless, one can be rest assured that Alhambra High has and will continue to uphold its reputation as a diversified, well-rounded school that can only ascend in pursuing all its endeavors.

- Mr. Yee

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