Oakland Asian Cultural Center

The C.A.C.A. 52nd Biennial National Convention will take place at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, located at 388 Ninth Street between Franklin and Webster Street on the second floor of the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Oakland's Chinatown. Learn about the facilities by visiting its website.

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Press Releases

     July 3, 2013: Chinese American Citizens Alliance 52nd Biennial Convention to be held in
     Oakland, CA August 7 to 10, 2013

Questions and Answers

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What is the role of the lodge delegate?
Delegates nominated to represent a C.A.C.A. lodge at the biennial national convention represents their lodge in matters concerning the public policy positions of the Alliance as well as rules and regulations in the conduct of national lodge business by its Grand Board. Delegates are to represent the general interest of their respective lodges and they will ensure that the lodge has a voice in direction of C.A.C.A. in the two years following before the next biennial national convention. Delegates are assigned to committees charged with drafting resolutions that are presented to the general body for a vote. Delegates also participate in the voting of national officers, including the C.A.C.A.'s Grand National President.

How are convention delegates and alternates selected?
Members are nominated at their lodge meeting, or they can submit their names as candidates for a general vote of the membership. To be considered, the candidate must be in good standing meaning that dues are current and have been members for at least one full membership year. Typically, the candidate garnering the most votes in succession become delegates and alternates.

How are number of delegates per lodge selected?
Much like the U.S. House of Representatives, the size of the delegation is based on population, that is the number of qualified members in a certain lodge. For example, Los Angeles Lodge has five delegate seats (and two non-voting alternates) this year based on the current number in membership. However, each lodge at a minimum can send two delegates and two non-voting alternates.

Are delegates paid to attend?
No, however each lodge can vote a subsidy to help cover costs of registration, travel and accommodation. Los Angeles Lodge members voted to subsidize each delegate and alternate up to $200.00. Grand Lodge also offers a subsidy on condition that the delegates attend and participate in the general sessions. Alternates are not covered unless they participate in the general session in the absence of a delegate.

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