Resolution: Amend Brochure Information

A Joint Resolution with C.A.C.A. Phoenix Lodge

WHEREAS organizationally, the current brochure includes a recap of who we are and what we do; and

WHEREAS the brochure does not include an application form; and

WHEREAS the brochure should state "Who can join?" and

WHEREAS the revised brochure shall accept members in accordance with the current By-Laws of Article V in admitting new members; and

WHEREAS members are the backbone of the lodges and accomplish many objectives. Members learn many aspects of the lodge at the meetings and through our recurring newsletters, and work hard to strengthen the lodge and they are needed in the field to accomplish many missions; and

WHEREAS members serve in grassroots efforts for lobbying and contacting our Congressional representative for support of our goals; and

WHEREAS members serve as a networking of information and sociability for all members of the community; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Chinese American Citizens Alliance be prepared to change the current brochure in an easy-to-read structure and incorporate this with an attached application form.

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