Resolution: Increase Promotion of Health Issues that Affect APIAs

WHEREAS, the APIA population is the fastest growing racial population in the nation

AND WHERAS, the APIA population consists of immigrants who constitute a high proportion of the APIA population

AND WHEREAS, the APIA populations consists of a large immigrant population who is medically underserved and challenged by the language, cultural, and lack of knowledge barriers about the current healthcare system

AND WHEREAS, the APIA population may not have access to the health resources available to them due to basic transportation or proximity,

AND WHEREAS, the APIA population is an important part and contribute positively to society

AND WHEREAS, due to genetic makeup, the APIA population have a greater than average chance of being affected by specific cancers, infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and others that may have no symptoms as silent killers, and chronic conditions brought about by working and living environments,

AND WHEREAS, the APIA population are also afflicted with other healthcare issues including mental health, obesity, physical inactivity, domestic abuse, alcohol abuse, and smoking,

AND WHEREAS, discussing such diseases and healthcare issues are largely ignored and are considered cultural taboo, creating a barrier to acknowledging levels of treatment necessary for the health of all communities,

AND WHEREAS, the APIA population believe in and rely upon scientifically unproven traditional remedies as cures

AND WHEREAS, healthcare providers are challenged with being able to adequately serve the APIA communities due to the aforementioned reasons

AND WHEREAS, healthcare is one of the most important issues on the current presidential administration's agenda

AND WHEREAS, the Los Angeles Lodge has organized a Hepatitis B Awareness Seminar with the Asian Pacific Liver Center at St. Vincent Medical Center, implemented an "Every Day is Hepatitis B Awareness Day" Youth Art Contest in collaboration with the National Task Force on Hepatitis B, put together a panel discussion on substance abuse specifically Ecstasy, and organized a "Pathway to Healthcare Professions" Workshop

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Chinese American Citizens Alliance advocate for and organize more programs to join the education and awareness efforts of healthcare initiatives, issues, and diseases that affect APIAs to reduce such health disparities. Such programs may include collaborating with healthcare organizations, organizing workshops and seminars, and publishing multilingual healthcare informational pamphlets in various languages.

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