Resolution: Preservation

WHEREAS, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance believers that it is important to preserve our heritage, history and cultural traditions; and

WHEREAS, the Chinese have been in the United States of America for over 160 years; and

WHEREAS, each Chinese community has stories to tell of its struggles hardships, sufferings and eventual triumphs; and

WHEREAS, a wealth of information about each community is being lost as the older buildings/ structures are being destroyed and/or neglected; and

WHEREAS, it is believed that each community's story is a very important part of American history; and

WHEREAS, Chinese workers provided valuable needed services, as cooks, servants, laundrymen, and laborers throughout America; and

WHEREAS, in the past the Riverside (?) Chinese made many agricultural contributions toward citrus, grape, and vegetable farming; and

WHEREAS, there are many historical Chinese sites throughout America that are still being threatened, and

WHEREAS, the Los Angeles Lodge is currently working with other organizations to preserve the last remaining Chinese structure in the Inland Empire in California

WHEREAS, efforts such as this will provide a rich, educational resource to create cultural awareness and understanding among the divers populations of America; and

WHEREAS, these efforts provide opportunities for further research which will increase the understanding of the cultural heritage and the contributions of the Chinese in America.

NOW THEREFORE, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance hereby resolves:
To support the preservation of historic sites and archaeological, educational, and cultural resources:

  • letter writing to support historical preservation on a national and local level
  • promoting awareness of any historical preservation projects within the community
  • providing seed money to support local preservation efforts

Additional Information

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